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Why get Fitted and Why at Unique Golf?

Custom Golf Fitting Long Island We also recommend golf club fitting for those ready to take the next step to improve their golf game. Properly fitted golf clubs could immediately take several strokes off of you score because of accuracy issues. Everyone should be golf club fitted at some point even if you think you might fall within the averages if not to find out your swing speed alone.

Golf Club Fitting will take into account several characteristics of the golf club when
determining which golf club set-up is for you. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Length of Golf Club - This is very important on a couple of levels, one is that you want the proper length club so that you feel comfortable with it in your hands. You won't feel the need to choke up on the shaft or feel like you are reaching for the ball. The proper length shaft allows you to get in the proper athletic golf stance and keep your golf club on plane.
  2. Lie Angle of the head - The lie angle of the head is important for accuracy. The lie angle affects the heel and toe of the head. If the club is to flat, the toe will hit first causing a right ball flight, to upright the heel hits first, which will cause a left ball flight. You want the middle of the club, below the sweet spot to make contact with the ground first.
  3. Flex of the Shaft - This is determined by the club head speed. To flexible of a shaft makes accuracy a problem as the club head will not square up. To stiff of a shaft means distance and ball height problems as you will lose the power of the shaft in the swing because your speed will not be enough to get it to flex.
  4. Loft Issues - For some players, loft fitting becomes a factor. If you hit the ball to high, you may be told that you need stronger lofted clubs or low trajectory clubs. If you just don't get the ball up, you may be told that you need higher trajectory clubs. This is more of an advanced kind of fitting, as most clubs can't be adjusted this way, they have to be cast or forged strong or weak. Some companies offer lines of clubs this way, usually designated as Pro Versions for lower trajectory or for higher trajectory. Some of the ball flight issues can be resolved with the proper shaft flex also.
  5. Golf Grip Fitting - The size of the grip is important if you have very big or very small hands, arthritis or some other medical reason that needs to be addressed. Smaller grips can cause you to get to much wrist action into the swing and to large of a grip could mean to little wrist action. The style of grip you pick is known as a comfort fit and we can help with our huge assortment of grips.

Some Fitting terms that Golfers should know:

Carry yardage: The common misconception in picking out the proper driver is height. In our testing, most players feel they hit the ball too high and look to get more roll from their tee shots. The sooner a golf ball hits the ground, the sooner it will lose its velocity. The truth is, in order to gain distance a player needs to carry the golf ball further in the air. This will optimize your distance under all golf course conditions.

Launch Angle: Launch angle plays a major role in producing the proper ball flight. Launch angle is measured from the initial launch of the golf ball to the ground for the first 18 inches; this is key to get the ball started on the proper trajectory. Launch angle is very important not only in the driver but with all clubs. For example: if a player is having trouble hitting his 3 wood off of the ground chances are it isn€t producing the proper launch and he or she may need more loft or lower kick point shaft to achieve maximum distance, without sacrificing accuracy. 

Spin Rate: Spin rate plays a major role in how long the golf ball will stay in the air. A player that produces too low a spin rate will find the golf ball going lower and coming down very quickly. A player with too high a spin rate will find the golf ball rising very high and have a ballooning effect. A player with the proper spin rate will keep the golf ball in the air for a longer period of time, which will allow the ball to carry to its furthest point. Golf clubs (heads and shafts) and balls play a major role in achieving the proper spin rate for your style of swing. There are golf clubs and golf balls that produce higher spin rates and lower spin rates .In order to produce the proper spin rate we must find the right combination of ball, club and shaft.

Ball Speed: Ball speed will play a major role in distance and distance control. The faster the ball comes off the clubface the more distance the golfer will achieve. Ball speeds vary from driver to driver, so it is important to find the best head and shaft combo for each individual swing. Ball speed plays a major role when choosing the proper iron. This fitting procedure can sometimes be the difference between hitting or missing a green.

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