Golf Trivia Questions, Test your knowledge

These are just for fun, there are no prizes given for knowing these answers.

Golf TriviaQ: What two golfers led the PGA in earnings three seasons each in the 1960s?
A: Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

Q: What's a scratch golfer's handicap?
A: Zero.

Q: What's a golfer said to have if he is entitled to tee off first?
A: The Honor.

Q: What comic actor scored huge sales with his Bad Golf Made Easy instructional videos?
A: Leslie Nielsen.

Q: What Grand Slam golf tournament has the most clubhousers sipping mint juleps?
A: The Masters.

Q: Who's second to Sam Snead in PGA Tour wins?
A: Jack Nicklaus

Q: What tournament did Arnold Palmer say he would play in as long as he could walk?
A: The Masters.

Q: Who won a record six PGA Player of the Year Awards-Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer or Tom Watson?
A: Tom Watson.

Q: Who summed up a playoff loss to Jack Nicklaus at the 1991 U. S. Senior Open with "the Bear crushed the Mouse"?
A: Chi Chi Rodriguez.

Q: What golfer bid a tearful farewell to fans after playing his last U.S. Open, in 1994?
A: Arnold Palmer.

Q: Who became the youngest and oldest player to win the Masters, in 1963 and 1986?
A: Jack Nicklaus.